Rune Knight chibi! May face a few changes later, Idk yet.

Somewhat based off a guildmate~

One down, too many more to go~ Expect the Royal Guard to be next!

natsumehirai said: Oh my god finish it. I’m loving the progress. *u*

Thank you~ >u< And don’t worry, I do plan to finish this~ Alongwithalltheotherthirdjobstoosob.

If I finish the rest of my creative writing homework tomorrow, I can finish this!

Fwah, my fingers.

Revising stories really sucks ahah.

Luckily one left, then I’m gonna skim over ‘em all again to catch any mistakes, then a cover page, then a 3-page paper for another class…


Playin’ Minecraft again!

Rather than a story, I think I’ll submit those in one bundle.

Gonna start work on this again for a bit.

I need to clean off my desktop…

I don’t think I submitted something yesterday oops. Well, I’ll submit the full commission later today for yesterday, and a revised story for today later, as well.

Stiiill working

More wipiness.