I haven’t drawn in ages.

What happened, this was supposed to be Victor but then I change it.

Well either way, I’m keeping the face.

I think I was just too lazy to look up a reference.

dansmiththeman Don’t make me make it official.

I have a random urge to have Kaiser hook up with a Shadow Chaser.

That wouldn’t end up well.

I feel like I should try writing porn instead of… Au deaths and shit.

Kind of a continuation of the other story. Expect the same as last time.

His flesh tastes delightful, infused with the light, flutter of magic. I want nothing more than to lick every bit of him, make him quiver in agonizing delight against my tongue.

I’ll be gentle at first, lull him into the pleasure before I bite down softly, taste the sweet blood mix with other liquids inside my mouth. His gasping screams make me shiver. But I’ll keep pinned down so he can’t escape, as if anyone could flee from a dragon such as I.

Scream louder, pathetic flesh. You only fuel my pleasure.

Being entrapped in his weak, human shell is nothing but agony, even if the powerful magic is at my disposal as well. At least it delights me to know that he gets to watch himself get tortured by his near-mirror image. What must be it be like to be violated by yourself?

You can’t ever escape me. Haven’t you learned that as I dug my claws into your flesh as I use you repeatedly? Not one of your screams reached any’s ears. My magic overpowers yours; what mere human can overcome a great beast like me?

Oh, how you’ll learn. You’ll learn to come at my touch whenever I desire it. You’ll learn that there can only be pleasure and pain to be had with me. I’ll keep you alive with the hand that draws forth your blood. Whenever you see me come in, you’ll react how I’ll teach you. There won’t be a choice for you.

Your bed will become your prison, and I am your chains, my teeth the steel that digs into your flesh, tasting your blood, making you shiver in joy. Over and over and over again will this happen until the day I tire of you. I see your end clearly, when I nearly take on my original self, ready to finally devour all of your flesh, when you climax one final time, your vision too unfocused to see my glorious scales, your voice too torn to even let out a meager cry when my teeth snaps your throat.

Granny, no. Go back to the fifth dimension with your bowl cuts and rivers of chocolate in oceans of cream.

I didn’t mean to send grandma here.

I don’t know what to think of this. I wanted to portray something… But I’m not sure if it came out how I wanted.

This is about the dragon. He is not a nice guy at all. There are hints at… unsavory actions here.

Well, maybe not hints.

You’ve been warned either way.

I want to eat him, devour him, taste every bit of his human soul and delicate flesh. Oh, the thought of it makes me smile with delight, lick my lips in anticipation. Well, perhaps more like “his” lips.

Every day that passes by is another where he grows weaker. I can just feel himself slipping away, little by little by little. Someday that tiny bit of him will be there no longer and I’ll have my a body of my own again.

I enjoy watching this human squirm nervously as I toy with his body and emotions, giving him new sensations associated with my half of the body and his half of the mind. Unexpected pleasure in uncomfortably lewd positions, tail wrapped around his most sensitive parts while barely able to slip inside his backside, sometimes outfitted in various… “decorations.”

Whilst I have easy control over my emotions, his are too quick to erupt, easily manipulated with just a touch to someplace delicate. His pained cries of pleasure and confusion bring glee to me. It’s nothing but fun to hear him whimper after he finishes on himself, absolutely confused and tired.

But it’s only the beginning of what I want to do. If I ever escape from this prison where I have fleeting moments of freedom, I will do much more.

He will be my prisoner, a toy for my own pleasure. A dragon’s endurance is amazing. If needed, there will be some wondrous drink or food mixed to make him last as long as me, if not longer. That way, I can have my fill as I violate him more times than his memories of fire appear. Even as his body gives out from it all, only I decide when to stop.

And maybe if I’m feeling kind, I’ll eat him immediately. And if I’m not, I’ll wait a few days, weeks, maybe years, until I’m hungry enough. A good toy will keep me entertained for a long time.

I think from now on whenever I order art of Kaiser I’m having him wear this hat cause it’s JUST SO CUTE. http://nozomi.arege.jp/ro/index.en.html#MaleWarlock0_22_19930_2204_2270

Doubt I’ll make this hat part of his official look though, but still, SO CUTE~



For the lovely gypsytrentini~ Also your husband is a derp.

When you become a permanent resident to this hell, you begin to slowly lose tiny fragments of yourself, marks of your humanity. Memories, for example, begin to lose some meaning. You forget what this day meant; confusion on if that…

Oh my god I love this! :D You put so much effort into this SQUEEEE *hugsqueezeloveon* <3<3 If I find time I will draw to your lovely private message too! >v< Squeeesqueesqueeee I love iiiiit!!!! Thank you so much :D Your writing is among my favorites! *HUG* <3<3<3 qwq Thank you for remembering!

I’m glad you loved it~ Just make sure to enjoy your special day first before all else~ /insert lots of hearts here

Birthday Memory

For the lovely gypsytrentini~ Also your husband is a derp.

When you become a permanent resident to this hell, you begin to slowly lose tiny fragments of yourself, marks of your humanity. Memories, for example, begin to lose some meaning. You forget what this day meant; confusion on if that person was related to you or not; the lingering taste of bile that slowly dissipated after you killed an adventurer that gave you a tingly sense of warmth that was drowned out by the heat of bloodlust.

I digress.

Today was supposedly a special day, but unfortunately my mind melded this day with another. I couldn’t remember if this day was the same day my dearest love, Trentini, was brought into this world, or if it was the day she was brought into this hell with me after my fatally foolish mistake.

Sometimes I regretted my actions, but even a feeling like regret became lost.

Regardless of which day it was, I felt I had to do something special for my dear. A fear greater than Wolfchev threatened to engulf me if I made it look like I forgot today, so I believed it was the good day of celebration.

But what do you get someone when you couldn’t leave a place? It would be hard to create a gift out of fluorescent liquids and jagged pieces of machinery.

Obviously if you couldn’t get out to get something, you’d wait for something to get in and loot their freshly-killed corpse.

Easier said than done, of course.

As a clown, my profession was renowned as the male supporter of the performer classes. Even with a nicely-sharpened dagger that sang sweet melodies as it tore up flesh, it was still hard to take down not-so-hapless adventurers.

"Chen, I require your assistance," I asked of my floormate. Though usually quiet, I believed Chen to be most suited for this job. Although there was someone more effective at what I had in mind, she had a tendency to… kidnap them. The screams that could be heard afterwards were usually not worth looking into. Gertie has too much fun sometimes, and I needed an adventurer for myself.

"What do you need?" was the response.

"Could you please fist the adventurers I target?" I explained. "Just not hard enough to kill them this time. I need them alive but unconscious. It’s for my dear wife. Her birthday is today."

"Hmm." Chen pondered for a few seconds before he replied. "Just needed to say to not kill them. I can hold back enough to knock one out for you. But out of curiosity, is there something you’re looking for in particular?"

"Sweets. I’d want a cake but that’s too specific." I pulled some rope out from behind my back. "Plus, I do want an adventurer for my wife to play with as she pleases." A smirk formed on my lips.

"Very well." It seemed Chen was slightly reluctant to help with the last part but he chose to help me anyway. Of course, I’d repay him later for his wonderful help.

Luckily for us, we found our victim quickly; a hastily-dressed archer. I had no clue what he was, I think a ranger? Celia once said that the one with a large wolf was called a “ranger.” They never wore shields either, and this one seemed kinda dumb.

First off, his wolf looked more tired and abused than Wolfchev after cleaning up his weird bead collection at odd hours, so his companion would be of no help. Second of all, he was attempting to hide, but with his wolf out, he was easily findable. Third of all, Chen’s senses were very sharp due to his living training, and could see all invisible or transparent. Including idiotic rangers.

"Shit," the ranger grumbled as Chen snuck up from behind. "Forgot quivers."

"Heya." Chen raised his arm up as the ranger turned around in surprise. I could feel some overwhelming heat as I eagerly expected Chen to bring his fist into the adventurer’s skull.

"Fuck!" The ranger fumbled haplessly. "I forgot butterfly wi-"

The corridor echoed with a dull smack as flesh met flesh. I half-expected the blood to fly everywhere, too used to seeing Chen punch someone with enough force so as to dislocate their head off their body. A part of me was disappointed it didn’t happen, but then I smiled.

I could easily solve that.

My mind wasn’t working right as I leapt out of my hiding place, dagger aimed at the unconscious ranger. All I wanted was to see his blood spill upon the floor, to let it flow over traces of ancient rivers whose sources were long dead. The scent would be overwhelming, turning the sane insane with that burning aroma that threw us into a frenzy. There would be no hope of survival. He wouldn’t live.


A blow to my stomach knocked me to my knees, stunning me. My dagger clattered dully against the stone wall.

I looked up groggily to see Chen shouting at me.

"Don’t lose yourself now!" he scolded. "Didn’t you want to save this guy for Trentini?"


Her birthday.

I was looking for sweets for her, and an alive adventurer for her to do as she liked.

Slowly, I stood up as I shook my head, the feeling of bloodlust slowly fading as I regained myself. That was a bad time to lose it.

"I’m sorry," I said.

"It’s fine," Chen sighed as he watched me the the ranger up. "Luckily you managed to stop in time."

I said nothing as I rummaged through the ranger’s inventory. There were numerous strawberries, perhaps nine golden arrows, a flute, a few slim bottles of white potion, a few pieces of candy, one cookie, and a slice of cake.

The sweets reminded me of Lutie and its toy factory, where such treats were easy to obtain. I remembered all the snow, the wet coldness of it that matched the touch of my skin. Everyone there was cheery, except for a snowman. I remembered when I was an archer so long ago, befriending the snowman was a task I had to do to become a bard. It was fun, talking to the cheery folks and helping them out while befriending the snowman who could talk. There was nothing quite like it, honestly.

Weird I could remember that. So strange I could remember that yet I barely remembered securing the ranger someplace safe before asking Celia help at cooking. Even the memory of me finding some paper and pencil and writing a note to my dear love was faint. All I remembered was that I told her of what I had gotten her on this special day.

I hope she’ll love it.

I love you Trentini. I love you, my dear Tini. I will never forget our love.

Happy birthday.