Beelzebub! Maybe someday I’ll finish it but yeah. ;u; Was supposed to be a widdle birthday gift but ugh I haven’t been able to do anything much.

I actually did this awhile ago but kept forgetting to take a pic of it sob.

adeat said: I like this one better IMO. Adding the other eye adds symmetry.

Ohh oops, I didn’t realize I unhide that eye. x-x I’d have to fix it though cause I did the other eye without taking that one in account loooool. Thank you though. :D

Changed the thing a bit. Does this look better or does this look better?
Continued the thing from before. 

If Kaiser ever had kids (which I find to be a cute thing, though it’d be with Noct and she’d die from it but lets not get into that…) then he’d either have a son or fraternal (is that the right word?) twins. And the daughter would be bi and end up marrying a female, while the son would be asexual but he’d still have a lovely romantic, non-sexual relationship with a nice and understanding female. But at the time of the daughter’s wedding, the father would be dead, ahah…

I think about au shit too much lmao.


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If possible, could you guys critique this? Spelling/grammar errors, things that don’t make sense storwise, etc, please? :3 Anyway, first draft. Some things are vague ‘cause I don’t want the class to realize the fact this is RO… Not like anyone knows about that game lmfao.

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Best way to celebrate a friend’s birthday is by writing them badly written porn lmao.

Figure drawings I did about a month ago with dansmiththeman. You can tell I’m bad at this.

I need to make some birthday gifts and enter a Halloween contest on iRO too much to doooooo.