natsumehirai Pretty much yeah. ;D


This thing agaaaaain.
Some details I have about this thing.
Has no actual gender/sex
Can change sexual appearance
Is basically tied in some way to the ancient ice dragon dude, I think it’s actually “his” actual form.
If anything, its main sex could be male but like I said, doesn’t actually have one.
It likes to switch between.
It can’t switch between if it’s stuck/possessed in someone’s body.
Is a dragon.

gypsytrentini Chocolate and warmth sounds so good right now. ;u;

Almost forgotta draw today.
I’m thinking of a new, simple OC based on a stupid dragon.
Also I think it’s that time of the month???

I made the NSFW blog and things are currently queued up.

Also I changed this blog’s theme finally.

High Wizard Kaiser~
I was lazy and didn’t draw a proper Kronos and drew this thingy instead lmfao.

gypsytrentini said:RagnabellionNSFW .. XD 8DDD ALPHYS AROUSING POETRY CLUBHOUSE


dansmiththeman Both things~