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oy waluigi is the hottest man

Along with his trusty sidekick Waluring and Yugay.

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1) Give me a pairing.

2) Give me an AU setting.

3) I will write you a three-sentence fic.

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Rather than just saying so and so, I wrote something quick. What’s with me avoiding the use of names tho. Not written well anyway but aye.

"What are you doing?" the shadow chaser asked.

"I’mf snugglimph," the warlock responded, his face buried deep in the chaser’s furry collar.

"You don’t know what’s been in it."

The warlock pulled his face away. “It’s so soft and fluffy!”

The chaser grabbed the warlock’s wrists and pushed him down onto his back on the bed, kneeling between the poor mage’s legs. The warlock’s hands were pinned above his head.

"Uh?" The warlock made no attempt to struggle.

"Wanna get a closer feel of the fluff then?" The chaser smirked. "With all your clothes in the way, though, it’d be hard to really experience it."

The warlock stayed silent, his cheeks flushing. He pressed his legs slightly against the chaser’s sides.

"Oh and I brought some tasty paint for you, too."

"I think I’ll cancel work today," the warlock whispered.

gertiewie said: our fluff is best felt with the full attention of your bare skin, and let me tell you about our edible paint ho ho hoho

Ooh yes, must get the full experience of the fluffiness~ >u< That edible paint sounds delicious too 8D

@gertiewie Rogue tree best for fwuffy snugglies :D (til they full divest you and throw paint on your face)

… Creative Convention Hats were made untradeable because of false rumors of them being RMT’d. Now I have two hats stuck on one account because of this.

Great job.

If Kaiser had a shadow chaser lover he’d just want to snuggle in all that fluff.

Ignore me cause idk.